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Hi there, I'm Jessie! I developed my passion for photography after having my first child 11 years ago. I wanted a way to capture every "first". With 3 kids under my belt, I know how fleeting this time is. Our babies grow so fast and I want to help you remember everything about them as they are right now! I taught myself how to use my first DSLR and have grown over the years by mentoring under photograhers I admire and taking workshops to expand my knowledge.

Newborn photography is my passion! Flaky fingers, tiny toes, fuzzy heads and soft skin make my soul sing. There is nothing I love more than a precious new life. I just want you to know I value my work and take the greatest attention to detail. I love a posed shot as much as the next mama but my specialty is capturing the love between your family.

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Jessie Oberg Photography

1362 West Salmon Caddis Dr

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