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The very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you are one. – Jodi Picoult

I think the hardest job I’ve ever had is being a mother. I second guess every decision I make, I worry about my children’s happiness, and some days I hide in the closet because I just can’t take one more child asking me for something. My clients range from first time mamas to seasoned veterans. But I always feel each of these mama’s love for her newborn.

When my clients come in for their newborn sessions they each have their own set of needs. Some moms don’t want to leave their babies sides, some take a nap on the couch, some leave their spouse and go pick up lunch. And all of those things are ok. Self care is so important as you become a mom. When we can care for ourselves, then we can give 100% when we’re with our children.

I love hearing advice from clients on different topics and I’m always happy to give my advice on mothering even though I’m just limping along my own journey still. I don’t claim to know everything but when we can all share and help each other we can lighten each other’s loads and not feel as alone in this phase of life.

Let’s raise each other up in this sometimes lonely place we all motherhood. Because we all know it takes a village.

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    Choosing Colors for Your Newborn Session

    Nothing excites me more than when a client tells me I can choose whatever colors I want for their baby’s newborn session. My Bluffdale, Utah studio is stocked with every possible color you could imagine and I love letting my creativity soar with this kind of open mindedness. I also understand that some parents have a general color scheme in mind to match baby’s nursery or just have colors that they really love.

    Oftentimes though, I think new mamas and daddy’s just aren’t sure what to choose so I get a lot of the typical pink/cream and blue/gray requests. I love those colors as much as the next girl but there are so many beautiful colors in the rainbow! Sometimes a color you would never think to select is the one you love the most.

    Because your session includes a proofing gallery you get to choose the final images to be edited. If a color I add in for your baby is one you end up not liking that is perfectly ok! You get to choose! But if I had advice to give I would say choose unique for your baby.

    Bright sunshiny yellow (my favorite). Raspberry pink. Jade green or deep merlot. I have something for everyone. Or should I say every-baby? And if you can’t choose, maybe just choose them all.

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      Cake Smash Inspiration | Utah Child Photographer

      I have been doing a lot of cake smashes in the studio recently. Can’t blame parents for wanting a fun bright shoot with their littles to document that first year of life! Some parents come to me with an exact idea of what they want for their shoots and others are a little unsure. I also get a lot of the same requests and I’m not sure if that’s because they just can’t think of anything else or because it’s all they can really find on Pinterest (or maybe it’s just what they really love). I thought I would put together a helpful guide to get those creative juices flowing and inspire a unique birthday shoot for your toddler!

      The Cake

      Is there anything more important to a cake smash than the cake? There are so many amazing cake ideas and finding a great one can help you create the theme for the entire photo shoot. The animal circus cookie one speaks to me on so many levels. Just the cutest!

      Sources: Lady in the Wild West, Sugar and Sparrow, Frosted Fuji Cakes

      The Decorations

      Some people like it simple and some like it as loud as possible. Really, just have fun with it. Maybe you want it a little more simple because your baby is a little shy and timid. Maybe they like a certain color. Or maybe it’s just something you really love and just want to do! These pictures are just some jumping off points to what your cake smash can be! I can’t get over how dang cute the rainbow and space ones would be!

      Sources: Richelle Bergen, Vroom Vroom Balloon, Party & Confetti, One Stylish Party, Anna Claire Tadlock, Balloon Therapy, Poppies for Grace, Glitter and Glue Parties and one of my all time favorite instagram accounts for cake smash inspiration ML Handmade

      The Details

      Premium Session

      • 1 hour studio shoot – cake smash, optional bubble bath and non-cake smash images
      • Proofing gallery where you choose your images
      • 20 digital images


      Mini Session

      • 30 minute studio shoot – cake smash only with optional bubble bath at the end
      • Proofing gallery where you choose your images
      • 10 digital images


      I am happy to offer the cake and a balloon banner for an additional $100.

      My sweet friend Turia with Sugar Kisses Cakes lives right in my neighborhood and I am not lying when I say her buttercream frosting is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The balloon banner I provide may be taken home at the end and used for future birthday parties etc.

      Contact me today to book your cake smash session!

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        Baby Remington | Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer

        I get asked often “When is the best time to book my newborn session?” I prefer to do newborn photos within the first 2 weeks if possible. Sometimes things arise, baby has complications, mama is overwhelmed or photos just happened to be the last thing on your mind. I always try to accommodate all babies as best I can regardless of the age. If your baby is a little older (like this baby was at 5 weeks) we’ll probably need to do mostly wrapped shots. Still incredibly adorable and sometimes the eye contact and facial expressions are worth the loss of the naked posing. If those cute little rolls and bums are important for you then try to do your session within the first 2 weeks. It’s never too early to book your newborn session with me. Click here to contact me and book!

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          Baby Reagan | Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer

          I often get asked by clients where I find my adorable little headbands for my newborn sessions. It’s quite the addiction. Most of my props I get from a variety of vendors that specifically service newborn photographers but are also open to the public for purchasing. Their inventory often moves fast but the products are so beautiful they’re worth the wait! Here’s a list of vendors I love finding headbands from. My Bluffdale newborn studio is fully stocked with all of the things you’ll need for your newborn photo shoot!

          The Dainty Miss

          Pretty Luxe Designs

          Poppy & Cy

          Goodnight Moon Props

          Created by Carli

          Ideas for newborn posing
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