Choosing Colors for Your Newborn Session

Nothing excites me more than when a client tells me I can choose whatever colors I want for their baby’s newborn session. My Bluffdale, Utah studio is stocked with every possible color you could imagine and I love letting my creativity soar with this kind of open mindedness. I also understand that some parents have a general color scheme in mind to match baby’s nursery or just have colors that they really love.

Oftentimes though, I think new mamas and daddy’s just aren’t sure what to choose so I get a lot of the typical pink/cream and blue/gray requests. I love those colors as much as the next girl but there are so many beautiful colors in the rainbow! Sometimes a color you would never think to select is the one you love the most.

Because your session includes a proofing gallery you get to choose the final images to be edited. If a color I add in for your baby is one you end up not liking that is perfectly ok! You get to choose! But if I had advice to give I would say choose unique for your baby.

Bright sunshiny yellow (my favorite). Raspberry pink. Jade green or deep merlot. I have something for everyone. Or should I say every-baby? And if you can’t choose, maybe just choose them all.

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