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I have been doing a lot of cake smashes in the studio recently. Can’t blame parents for wanting a fun bright shoot with their littles to document that first year of life! Some parents come to me with an exact idea of what they want for their shoots and others are a little unsure. I also get a lot of the same requests and I’m not sure if that’s because they just can’t think of anything else or because it’s all they can really find on Pinterest (or maybe it’s just what they really love). I thought I would put together a helpful guide to get those creative juices flowing and inspire a unique birthday shoot for your toddler!

The Cake

Is there anything more important to a cake smash than the cake? There are so many amazing cake ideas and finding a great one can help you create the theme for the entire photo shoot. The animal circus cookie one speaks to me on so many levels. Just the cutest!

Sources: Lady in the Wild West, Sugar and Sparrow, Frosted Fuji Cakes

The Decorations

Some people like it simple and some like it as loud as possible. Really, just have fun with it. Maybe you want it a little more simple because your baby is a little shy and timid. Maybe they like a certain color. Or maybe it’s just something you really love and just want to do! These pictures are just some jumping off points to what your cake smash can be! I can’t get over how dang cute the rainbow and space ones would be!

Sources: Richelle Bergen, Vroom Vroom Balloon, Party & Confetti, One Stylish Party, Anna Claire Tadlock, Balloon Therapy, Poppies for Grace, Glitter and Glue Parties and one of my all time favorite instagram accounts for cake smash inspiration ML Handmade

The Details

Premium Session

  • 1 hour studio shoot – cake smash, optional bubble bath and non-cake smash images
  • Proofing gallery where you choose your images
  • 20 digital images


Mini Session

  • 30 minute studio shoot – cake smash only with optional bubble bath at the end
  • Proofing gallery where you choose your images
  • 10 digital images


I am happy to offer the cake and a balloon banner for an additional $100.

My sweet friend Turia with Sugar Kisses Cakes lives right in my neighborhood and I am not lying when I say her buttercream frosting is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The balloon banner I provide may be taken home at the end and used for future birthday parties etc.

Contact me today to book your cake smash session!

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