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I love labor & delivery. Is there really anything more beautiful than a precious baby straight from Heaven? Being a Utah Birth Photographer is honestly one of my greatest blessings. I have delivered 3 of my own beautiful babies. One through an emergency cesarean (stubborn girl was breech), one through a successful V-Back where I pushed for 40 minutes, and my last as another successful V-Back where I pushed for 3 minutes and he was out. Because of my own birth experiences I feel like I’m able to offer something that maybe all birth photographers aren’t able to offer. I understand what it feels like to go from thinking it’s time to push, to being told it’s time to get ready for a C-Section. I know how quickly babies can come, and how they can slow down and change their minds about coming into this world. I am on call for you as your Utah birth photographer. I will come as soon as you’re dilated to a 6 and I will stay for an hour after the birth to capture all those special hospital moments. Baby G was pretty eager. My client contacted me when she was on her way to a 6. I pulled into the parking lot when she was a 6 and was taking some pictures outside when she text and said you better get up here. She pushed once. ONE TIME!!! I haven’t seen anything like it. After 3 daughters this son was quite anticipated. And isn’t he just the sweetest?Utah Birth Photography at Riverton Hospital beautiful spring day with trees in bloomRiverton Birth Photography all the details at the hospital. Cookies, juice, monitors, and anticipation.Utah birth photographer baby boy is born and given to motherSweetest chubby newborn born at Riverton Hospital by Utah birth photographer Jessie Oberg Photography

Let me take away the stress of worrying whether your spouse is getting the pictures you want while still giving you the support you need. It’s never too early to book your birth photography and remember, I’m on call 24/7 around your due date and travel to all of Salt Lake and Utah Valley Hospitals to document this special time for you.

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