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You know one of the greatest things about being a photographer? You can train your husband to use your camera and then capture life’s moments that you just can’t capture yourself. I mean I’m a pretty great multi-tasker but birthing a baby and taking the pictures at the same time is out of even my expertise. So my husband mans the camera which really is a great task for him since all of that baby birthing stuff is not his particular cup of tea. And then we’re both happy. But I can promise as your Utah Birth Photographer that I will not bring my husband to capture your birth story. We’ll leave that to the professionals. You know what I’m saying? But really, he did a wonderful job. He got the one picture that I really just couldn’t get myself and that’s all I could have asked for. After he left to tend to our other two kids I was able to let me creative side out and really let loose on Baby Max. I mean honestly, when the nurse walked in and I was standing on my bed with my massive camera and sweet baby Max laying below, they probably noted my chart then and there that I was a bit on the crazy side. And you know what? They’re probably right.

Newborn babies are the absolute bestest. I love how I have pictures to forever remember that I literally COULD. NOT. keep my hands off my sweet newborn boy. I just needed to feel his soft skin, his tiny little heart beating against my own. Max made his debut to the world after just a minute and twenty seconds of pushing and if I could go back and change anything I would have sucked more at pushing so it could have lasted longer. My sweet perfect Baby Max, welcome to the world.

Kind of an overshare but you just can’t sum up a birth story with a few pictures, right? Contact me so that you can forever remember how you just couldn’t stop touching your newborn baby.

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