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I had the chance to do pictures of these sweetest little twin boys. I actually wanted twins when I was growing up. Doesn’t everyone at some point? Then I had a child and realized how insane that would actually be. I struggled to get pregnant with my third child. When I finally got pregnant I went in for a very early ultrasound and found he had had a twin but the twin wasn’t viable. Suddenly the dream I didn’t even know I still wanted was crushed. Sorry, that’s kind of deep. But it really is another reason I love what I get to do so much. When I was going through infertility my newborn sessions were even that much more special to me. Although it was difficult to watch these mamas get what I wanted so much, it was also so comforting. So comforting to hold those sweet angels in my arms and provide images to help parents remember this fleeting moment. I really didn’t start writing this post expecting it to end up here but I do want you to understand that I handle your sweet babies with the most tender care.

It took me till the end of the session to remember which of these boys was which. But I’ve got it figured out now. See if you can find their differences. 🙂

Newborn twin macro shot of face Twin newborn boys in tiny bed with mohair bonnets Mama in rust color dress with newborn twin boys on cream rug

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